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This document was last updated: 10/05/2023

What is the warranty on your products?

Our GL650W+ and GL1000W+ LED grow lights are covered by a 5 year warranty and our GL300W and GL420W models, controllers and accessories all enjoy a 3 year warranty.

How do I properly maintain my LED grow light?

To ensure your new light continues to perform at its best, we recommend regularly inspecting your LED fixtures for any damage. It is also recommended to clean your fixture regularly with a soft damp cloth. Use extra caution when cleaning your LED bars as scrubbing too hard may cause damage to the silicone resin coating that protects the diodes. A can of compressed air can also be useful to blow dust from within cracks and crevices of the fixture. CAUTION: Always ensure the fixture has been disconnected from power and allowed to cool down before carrying out any cleaning or maintenance. 

Can your products be used for both indoor and outdoor gardening?

Our GL LED fixtures have a dust and water ingress rating of IP66. This means they are dust tight and protected against high pressure 12.5mm water jets, however, our fixtures have been designed for indoor use only and should not be operated outdoors or in wet environments. 

What is the lifespan of your LED grow lights?

If operating for 12 hours per day, you can expect them to last for over 10 years. That is over 50,000 hours. 

How do I know which LED grow light is right for my specific growing needs?

Here at Treegers, we offer a diverse range of grow lights tailored to various applications, ranging from our GB15W Grow Bulb to our expansive GL1000W+ Grow Light Fixture. All our Grow Lights boast full spectrum capabilities, ensuring your plants receive an optimal balance of light for their health. However, it's crucial to understand your plants' individual light requirements. While some plants flourish under modest light conditions, with intensity levels ranging from 50 to 250 umol/m2/s, others can withstand significantly higher levels of light, reaching up to 1000 umol/m2/s or more.


To assist growers in accurately measuring light levels, we've developed the Treegers Quantum Par Meter. This tool enables precise measurement of the light your plants receive at canopy level, offering invaluable insights into their environmental conditions. Utilize our Grow Light Tactics as a comprehensive guide, and for those seeking perfection, we highly recommend incorporating our Par Meter into your cultivation practices. By doing so, you can ensure optimized light levels for the specific needs of your favourite plants.

How do I install my LED grow light?

Installing your Treegers LED Grow light is a straightforward process. Most of our LED light fixtures are plug-and-play, requiring no more than connecting the fixture to a power source. However, for certain models that do require minor assembly, instructions are included to guide you through the process. Rest assured, whether your light fixture is ready to use out of the box or requires minimal assembly, we strive to make the installation process hassle-free for all our customers.

Can your LED grow lights be used with timers or smart home systems?

Absolutely, all of our grow bulbs and grow light fixtures can be used with timers and/or smart home systems. 

What is the return policy for your products?

Given the specialized use of grow lights, we do not accept change of mind returns, however, we are committed to providing assistance and support to address any issues or concerns you may have with your purchase. Our customer service team is available to help troubleshoot any issues and to provide guidance on maximizing the performance of your grow lights. We stand behind the quality and reliability of our products and are dedicated to ensuring that you are fully satisfied with your purchase.

How do I clean my LED grow light?

It is recommended to clean your fixture regularly with a soft damp cloth. Use extra caution when cleaning your LED bars as scrubbing too hard may cause damage to the silicone resin coating that protects the diodes. A can of compressed air can also be useful to blow dust from within cracks and crevices of the fixture. CAUTION: Always ensure the fixture has been disconnected from power and allowed to cool down before carrying out any cleaning or maintenance.

Are your products energy-efficient?

LEDs are highly energy-efficient compared to traditional lighting sources. LED lights convert a higher percentage of electrical energy into usable light, resulting in less wasted energy in the form of heat. They typically consume much less electricity to produce the same amount of light output as traditional lights. LEDs also have a longer lifespan, further contributing to energy savings as they require less frequent replacement. Overall, the energy efficiency of LEDs makes them a preferred choice for various lighting applications, including grow lights.

How do I troubleshoot my LED grow light if it's not working properly?

Firstly, check that your power supply is functioning properly. Disconnect all power to your fixture and inspect for any signs of visible damage. If there are no visible signs of damage please contact our customer support team at support@treegers.com.

Do you ship products internationally?

While Treegers currently ships Australia wide and in New Zealand via. our retail partners, please contact us at info@treegers.com for all international enquires.

How can I stay informed about new products and promotions?

Please head to our website and subscribe to our newsletter. *Change Text and Insert Link**

Are your products suitable for hydroponic systems?

Absolutely, Treegers products are suitable for indoor cultivation using all types of systems including Hydroponics.

What is the best way to use your LED grow lights for different stages of plant growth?

Using LED grow lights effectively throughout the various stages of plant growth involves adjusting the intensity, and duration to meet the specific needs of plants during the seedling, vegetative, and flowering phases. Please refer to our Grow Light Tactics for further information.

Why is are your lights designed using LED bars?

The use of LED bars allows for optimal light distribution, heat management, versatility, and serviceability.

Why don’t you make LED panels?

While LED Panels are more economical to manufacture, their centralised light source can lead to an uneven distribution of light with hot spots and shadows being difficult to manage, leading to a decrease in efficiency. The compact nature of boards can also cause diode temperatures to exceed recommendations and without efficient heat management systems in place, can cause premature diode decay.

Why do you have removable bars in some models and not in others?

While removable bars help us to provide fixtures that are easily serviceable, they also help reduce transport costs, maintaining affordability. Our GL300W and GL420W fixtures are compact in nature, meaning ease of serviceability and transport costs would unlikely be improved in any way if they were to have removable bars.

Why do your lights not incorporate UV or far-red diodes?

At Treegers, we believe in creating Full Spectrum LED grow lights, perfectly tailored for optimal efficiency. When incorporating diodes that may or may not be beneficial to all types of plants and plant varieties, it causes a huge reduction in fixture efficiency if your plants are not receptive to these spectral changes. 

Add to this, UV diodes have a very short lifespan, are very expensive and can be dangerous if used incorrectly. 

While Far Red and UV spectrums can be of benefit in some areas of indoor cultivation, we feel that these types of lights are best added separately so as to not affect the efficiency of your main light source.