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Nutzen Sie die Kraft mit einer massiven Licht leistung, einer verwendbaren Photonen wirksamkeit und einer außer gewöhnlichen Gleichmäßigkeit des Baldachins. Unser GL1000W erhöht Ihr Wachstum auf das nächste Level. Diese 10-Bar-Leuchte mit abnehmbaren Stangen ist die ultimative hochmoderne, wachsende Licht technologie und Innovation und bietet unschlagbare Leistung und Erschwing lichkeit.

Produkt-Code: TGL0004

EAN/GTIN: 9309001188061

Strom verbrauch: 1000W ± 5%

Licht ausgang PPF: 3090.Einfach</ALIMT><ALIMT><ALIMT ></ALIMT></ALIMT>/S

Wirksamkeit der Fixtur: 3.1Μmole</ALIMT><ALIMT><ALIMT ></ALIMT></ALIMT>/J

Wirksamkeit von Dioden: Bis zu 4,35Μmol/J

Abdeckung bereich: Mindestens 1,2x1,5 m bis maximal 1,5x1,8 m

Thermisches Management: Passive Kühlung

Eingangs spannung: 180-277V, 50/60Hz

Ingress-Schutz: IP66

LED-Bars Lebenszeit: 60 000Hrs

Dimmen: 0-10-20-30-40-50-60-70-90-100% (w/Treager präziser T-Dimmer 0-10V)

Externe Steuerung: W/Treegers Growcast oder ein beliebiger Universal controller

Licht verteilung: 120 °

Abmessungen der Befestigung:1442x1090x100mm

Befestigungs gewicht: 13,50Kg

Karton abmessungen:1170x440x157mm

Bruttogewicht: 16,80Kg

Zertifikate: CE, UKCA, RCM, RoHS, USA.

Garantie: 5 Jahre

Spektrum: Full-Speed-HybridF


  • 10 x High Powered LED Bars
  • 1 x 1000W High Grade Driver
  • 1 x Frame Kit (w/ 4 frame items + cabling)
  • 2 x Driver Support Brackets
  • 1 x Power Cable (w/ 1.8 m length, plug & Jnicon connector)
  • 2 x Stainless Cable Hangers (D2 x 105mm)
  • 1 x User Guide
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GL1000W+ Tactical Advantages

Technology & Design

Innovative and revolutionary multi-linear design, with ten magnetic easy-click, detachable, high powered LED Bars. Quality, high performance LED diodes with industry leading LED drivers, provide the ultimate in performance and reliability. High grade heat sinks and optimal passive cooling throughout fixtures, ensures the extended lifespan of all components, preventing premature diode decay.

UsablePhoton Efficacy

Extremely high light output of 3090 μmol/s with fixture efficacy of up to 3.1 μmol/J, utilizing diodes with an efficacy of up to 4.35 μmol/J. Treegers LED fixture technology offers remarkable usable efficacy across each point of the lights footprint/coverage area.


By using a combination of strategically placed LED diodes and optical lenses, our unique hybrid designs provide market leading uniformity, distributing light evenly across the whole canopy/coverage area.


Our GL+ LED fixtures feature an ingenious modular design. With easy-click magnetic LED bars, with streamlined frame assembly and remote driver option. Flexibility, upgradability, servicing and maintenance couldn't be easier, reducing downtime and simplifying operations.

IP66 & Smooth Resin Coating

Treegers LED fixtures are rated at IP66. Meaning full protection against high pressure water jets (12.5mm) and total dust ingress. Utilizing innovative silicone resin protection on all diodes and watertight connections on all cables. Our unique coating, besides providing optimal protection for all LED bars, also ensures a smooth surface, with reduced stickiness making it very easy to clean.


  • Spectrum

    Perfectly balanced and meticulously tailored for indoor cultivation. Designed to support every stage of plant life with combinations of 4000K, 5000K & 660nm diodes to ensure optimal plant health and hefty harvests.

  • Fair Pricing

    Treegers prioritizes Quality, Performance, Innovation and Durability as core values, together with Fair Pricing: We've achieved an outstanding 'Cost per Micromole' ratio and considered ourselves as a proud leader in providing Value for Money in the sector.

  • User Experience

    We’ve tried to simplify the whole process, from assembling the fixtures to operating them. All our LED’s are extremely user-friendly plug and play, with clear simple guidelines on how to get the most out of them.

Full-Spectrum HybridF+

Full-Spectrum HybridF+, used on our powerful GL+ series of LEDs, provides balance for Full-Cycle growing, with a focus on Flowering due to its Deep Red enhancement. An ideal choice for growers who want to boost their yields with one of the highest photon efficacy fixtures on the market