Find all the knowledge you need, to use our products to their fullest potential, on our Resources page. To assist you in making an informed choice and maximizing your purchase, you will find Product User Guides, Performance Data Sheets, Certificates, Catalogues, Media Pack, Grow Tactics and more

  • User Guides

    Dive into the details with our comprehensive Product User Guides, ensuring you maximize the potential of your Treegers gear.

  • Performance Data Sheet

    Explore the technical aspects with our Performance Data Sheet, providing in-depth insights into the capabilities of our products.

  • Certificates

    Trust in our quality and standards by reviewing our Certificates, validating the excellence embedded in Treegers products.

  • Catalogues

     Discover our full range and offerings through our Catalogues & Brochures, a handy reference for all things Treegers.

  • Media Pack

     Immerse yourself in the world of Treegers with our Media Pack, offering product photos, visuals, brand directives and resources to enhance your understanding of our brand.

  • Grow Tactics

    Elevate your cultivation game with Grow Tactics, a resourceful guide to optimizing your yields and achieving success with Treegers products.