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Bienvenidos a una nueva era de jardinería. El Treegers GB15W LED Grow Bulb está diseñado para la simplicidad y el rendimiento. Esta bombilla LED de base de lámpara E27 de bajo consumo de energía está diseñada para potenciar cada rincón de su jardín doméstico. Ya sea que esté cultivando aromáticos, verduras de hoja verde o mejorando la vitalidad de las plantas decorativas, esta bombilla trae iluminación optimizada de espectro completo a su alcance.

Código de producto: TGB0001

EAN/GTIN: 9309001188269

El consumo de energía:15W ± 5%

Salida de luz PPF:30.Μmol:</ALIMT><ALIMT ></ALIMT>/S

Eficacia del accesorio: 2,2.Μmol/J

Salida del lumen:1600 lm

Base de la lámpara:E27

Gestión térmica: Refrigeración pasiva

Voltaje de entrada:100-240V, 40/50Hz

Protección de ingreso: IP44

Toda la vida: 50 000Hrs

IRC:92 Ra


Factor de potencia:> 90

Distribución ligera:60 grados

Dimensiones del bulbo: 64x94mm

Peso del bulbo:150g

Dimensiones del cartón: 64x64x100mm

Peso bruto:200g

Certificaciones:CE, UKCA, SAA, C-TICK, RCM,

Clase energética: ERP A

Garantía:5 años

Espectro:GB4800K de espectro completo

1 x GB15W LED Grow Bulb

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GB15W Tactical Advantages

  • Technology & Design

    Housed in a compact and robust aluminum casing, these bulbs boast exceptional passive cooling, ensuring low heat production and preventing components decay. Equipped with premium COB LED technology, they provide optimal light penetration, and with a common E27 lamp base, they're effortlessly compatible with standard home lighting sockets.

  • Light Quality & Versatility

    Boasting a balanced Full Spectrum at CCT 4800K and CRI 90+, these bulbs are ideal for a range of plants, from seeds and aromatics to decorative plants, greens, flowers, and fruit-bearing plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. The spectrum is not only optimized for plant growth but also pleasant for the human eye, making it perfect for enhancing the beauty of your space.

  • Long-Lasting & Energy Efficiency

    Designed for durability with a lifespan of 50,000 hours and backed by a 5-year warranty, these bulbs not only stand the test of time but also operate with low power consumption. Achieve high power and photon efficiency while minimizing energy costs, making them an environmentally conscious choice for your home.

  • Fair Pricing

    Treegers prioritizes Quality, Performance, Innovation and Durability as core values, together with Fair Pricing: We've achieved an outstanding 'Cost per Micromole' ratio and considered ourselves as a proud leader in providing Value for Money in the sector.