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The Treegers Fixture Link Cable, available in 4 meter length is designed for series connection, this cable seamlessly links multiple LED fixtures for synchronized performance. Ideal for use with Controllers or Dimmers, it ensures a unified lighting strategy throughout your grow space. 

Product Code: TFLK001
EAN/GTIN: 9309001188108
Compatibility: Any fixtures w/ LLT M12 3-pin connector (1PIN-Dim+/2PIN-Dim-/3PIN-12V)
Connectors: LLT M12-3 core male-female docking self-locking elbow style
Voltage/Current Ratings: 110V/10A
Ingress Protection: IP67
Cable Length: 4 meter
Weight: 175 g
Components Materials: Nylon PA66+3*22AWG 21996 PVC
Certifications: UL E481414
Warranty: 2 Years

  • 1 x Fixture Link Cable in 4 m w/ LLT connector
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