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The Treegers GL1000W+ Driver Extension Kit is composed of three cables in 3 meter length each, two for power and the other for dimming connections from the Driver to the Fixture. These were designed to allow a remote use of the Driver, up to 3 meters distance without power and voltage losses.


Product Code: TDEK002

EAN/GTIN: 9309001188092

Compatibility: Any fixtures w/  Jnicon M19 3-pin connector

Connectors: Jnicon 53-100331-02/53-200311-02, Jnicon 54-100331-02/54-200311-02

Voltage/Current Ratings: 300V/600V 20A/10A

Ingress Protection: IP67

Cable Length: 3 meter

Weight: 2x600g & 200g

Components Materials: Nylon  PA66+3*14AWG SJTW/PA66+3*24AWG 21996   PVC

Certifications: UL2238   E500203

Warranty: 2 Years

  • 2 x Driver Power Extension Cables in 3 m w/ Jnicon connector
  • 1 x Driver Dimming Extension Cable in 3 m w/ Jnicon connector
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